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Yoga, Mindfulness, and Art Camp — Summer 2017

Yoga and Mindfulness have the potential to help children improve their self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness skills. Both help to promote a healthy and flexible body and mind. During camp, children will practice yoga postures and mindfulness techniques. We will use journaling and art as a way to delve deeper into the concepts presented during our practice. Children should bring a backpack, comfortable walking shoes, water bottle, and a mat. Mid-morning snack provided.

Family– June 5-9

Our families shape our lives from a young age. Feelings of love and caring, how we view and see ourselves as individuals and those around us. Within the context of family, children will delve into who they are as humans. What parts of them they see as unique to themselves and what parts are family traits.

Friends – July 10-14

Friendships can be an important part of our lives. What makes a good friend? How do we work through the ups and downs that friendship can bring along with it? Children will explore the complexities of friendship that can be present, while staying true to self.

Community – July 31-August 4

What is your neighborhood like? What makes a community strong? Children will explore differences between neighborhood and communities and begin to decide for themselves what they hope to find in both and how we can all be good neighbors and build strong communities.


Big Yogi, Little Yogi and Kids Yoga

This yoga class will keep you and your little one moving together! Yoga postures are taught in conjunction with songs, games, and the use of literature. Ages 2-6.

Kids classes are also offered for children ages 7-12. 

Visit SOUTHTOWNYOGA.COM for more info.


95-Hour Children’s Yoga Certification Program

Location: Southtown Yoga – 1905 Park Ave.

Elephant Power’s teacher training certification program focuses on teaching the whole child through yoga and mindfulness practices for children and youth, ages 2-17. Certified by Yoga Alliance this training focuses on social-emotional, physical, and mental aspects of a child. Yoga and mindfulness have the ability to help children better understand the connections between their physical body, brain, and nervous system.

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