95-Hour Children’s Yoga Certification Program

Location: Southtown Yoga – 1905 Park Ave.

Elephant Power’s teacher training certification program focuses on teaching the whole child through yoga and mindfulness practices for children and youth, ages 2-17. Certified by Yoga Alliance this training focuses on social-emotional, physical, and mental aspects of a child. Yoga and mindfulness have the ability to help children better understand the connections between their physical body, brain, and nervous system.

Participants gain the knowledge and the tools to help children access the power of the breath to better connect to themselves and understand others, to develop focus and concentration to enable strength of character and to confidently navigate their world, and calming techniques to help better self-regulate and nurture their own mind and spirit.

Students learn a structured format for creating lessons, explore their own creativity and learn how to incorporate into classes. Explore the differences between teaching in a studio versus schools. Participants get practical information on how to navigate and build relationships with schools, learn the business of children’s yoga, how to work with diverse populations, and much more.

Practitioners will leave this training with a deeper understanding and acceptance of children as they are and the confidence to create and effectively teach lessons to children in a safe, fun, and engaging way.

What You Will Learn
  • Developmental stages of children
  • Different philosophies of education
  • Effective and compassionate classroom management skills
  • Best practices of yoga in and out of schools
  • Comprehensive teaching of yoga and mindfulness
  • Learn to design your own lessons and curriculums

Weekend Format

September 8-10
September 29-October1
October 27-29
November 10-12


Fridays 5-9pm
Saturdays 8-5 (1 hour for lunch)
Sundays 8-5 (1 hour for lunch)


Payment arrangements can be made with $500 deposit.