Curriculum Based Teaching

Classes are designed for students and teachers to learn together. The classes are 8-week sessions and work best when taught school-wide. Students and teachers work on a weekly topic integrating breathing techniques, and helping students and teachers to become more aware of their thought patterns. Mindfulness skills help students to develop the social-emotional skills: self-management, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness. In addition, mindfulness is a powerful tool that can also aid in helping our students deal with stressors that happen in their lives.

Professional Development for Teachers and Learning for Families

Workshops are designed to fit the needs of your environment. A consultation discussion will determine your needs and goals for the learning. Topics of discussion can be a range of work designed to help understand how to teach mindfully and parent mindfully. Teachers and parents can also benefit, Candace can teach these groups how to develop a personal mindfulness practice.

Individually In Your Home

Any of the above classes can be taught in your home. Mindfulness practices can greatly help strengthen your relationships with those closest to you. Please contact Candace for more information.